Thursday, March 31, 2011

Man, it's been a while...

I'm not even going to read what I posted before. It's sort of like old journal entries that are fully embarrassing. The kind you find later and think, "Thank God I didn't die and that someone else didn't find these and read them." Only with these, other people may have read them.

Anyway, my son is three. We've had to keep things that he's not supposed to have out of his reach for a little while now, but the most annoying of these now-hard-to-reach items are the knives. They used to be in the drawer, along with the rest of utensil mess, but now they sit in a Tupperware bin on top of the refrigerator.

It's great. He can't reach them.

Neither can I, though.

And since I don't want to go get a step stool every time I have to chop or dice something, I find myself blindly slipping my hand into the knife bin and feeling around for just the right blade. What's ridiculous is that I keep doing this, thinking each and every time that there must be a better way to keep the knives away from our ignorant three year-old.